Chow TV
March 2012 | Graphic Design IV

Chow TV is a television network, for this assignment I had the freedom to come up with my own programming as well as set the tone of Chow TV. The television network is centered around local cuisine, with a focus on getting back to the roots of learning how to cook. While building the brand out, I was faced with the challenge of creating a logo that functioned both in print, and on screen. I wanted to create a brand that induced a tactile feeling while remaining simple and down to earth.

As my sketches developed I began to focus on the utensils that a person uses while cooking, trying to create a mark that would instantly make a viewer think of food. I ended up with a subtle logo that created a spoon out of the negative space within the 'h' of chow. I worked to develop the perfect relationship between the 'h' and the spoon trying to leverage the epiphany moment a viewer gets when they discover the spoon, to mimic the feeling a person gets when they've finally mastered a skill i.e cooking.

Once the foundation of the brand was built, I began to develop the dynamic components of Chow TV. I drew a lot of my inspiration from 90s MTV commercials, trying to create an extremely visceral experience. I merged sound and imagery to create the feeling of getting up in the morning for Chow TV’s morning schedule. From there I began using the spoon element of the logo as a vehicle for how the brand act on screen.

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