The Height of Land
January 2013

During the summer of 2012 Ryan Arthurs, a Boston based Photographer embarked on an adventure paddling the George River. From Labrador City to Ungava Bay documenting each step of the way through the lens of his camera. Ryan followed the route of the Hubbards. Leonidas Hubbard was an outdoors writer from New York City, he left planning to paddle and portage across the Labrador peninsula. His expedition met a tragic end when he lost his way forcing the expedition to turn back, but it was too late and Hubbard died of exhaustion. Two years later Mina Hubbard set out to complete her beloved's journey. Her expedition was a success, and she became the first adventurer to complete the feat.

Ryan approached me to help him create a book that would be used to share his experience of the Hubbard expedition. We worked together to develop an image sequence that told the story of his journey, while drawing the reader from page to page. Through out the book there are quotes from and about Hubbard's journey, we created a clean and simple format to allow the photos to sing.

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