SooGood: Smoothies & Coffee
June 2014

SooGood is a smoothie and coffee shop coming to Natick, MA in the summer of 2015. With a focus on providing healthy alternatives to classic grab n' go foods and beverages. SooGood uses only the freshest ingredients in all of their items, with this in mind I set out to create a brand evoked a feeling of freshness.

While sketching ideas for the SooGood logo, I struggled to convey the tactile quality of freshness while creating an impactful mark. It became very clear that a huge aspect of SooGood was rooted in the visual appeal of food. I strived to capture the experience of walking through a farmers market or browsing the local grocery store. Half the appeal of fresh foods is the imperfect nature of each unique fruit or vegetable. I leveraged this inherit beauty and used it as the driving force behind the SooGood brand.

Photo Credit: @haveitsogood

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