Donald McKay K–8
June 2013

The Donald McKay K–8 School in East Boston approached me in the summer of 2013 about a logo redesign. Donald McKay was a ship builder and designer based out of East Boston. He is most well known for building some of the fastest Clipper ships to ever sail. Clippers were known for their distinctive speed, they had three masts and a square rig. They were used almost exclusively for trade despite their abnormally narrow hulls, which held a limit amount of cargo. The Donald McKay's nautical connection was extremely unique given there are very few instances of nautical culture and education crossing paths.

As I developed concepts for the new logo, I began trying to discover way to meld the nautical themes with the idea of education. Making sure that the new logo design communicated both the connection to the sea as well as a focus on education. Ultimately I presented the Donald McKay school with three different directions for the new design.

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