Burton Catalog
May 2012 | Typography III

When asked to pick a brand for a fashion catalog in Typography III, I instantly thought of Burton. I have been receiving Burton's seasonal magazines for as long as I can remember so I jumped at the opportunity to design one of my own. The only requirement of the brief was to thread a story through out the catalog, using the story to help illustrate the characteristics of Burton's brand. When I think of Burton and snowboarding I am instantly brought slope side on a mountain, taking in the view of the world. Through out the catalog I explored the idea of discovery and adventure. Creating a way for the reader to transport themselves to the mountain.

Woven through out the catalog is a story of a snowboarder working their way down the mountain, told through a text message conversation. I juxtaposed this conversation with a transcendentalist essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson, that spoke about the inherit beauty of nature. Through my typography I mimicked this comparison by setting the essay in an extremely traditional grid, and pushed the boundaries of my grid with the text message conversation.

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