Commonground Conference
April 2012 | Graphic Design IV

The Common Ground Conference is a place for people to get together and try to conqueror the international issues of our current global society with a focus on multi cultural communication. We were asked to design collateral that spoke to the core issues that would be addressed at the conference.

I spent my time trying to find a subtle way to elude to the universal fact that everyone has a reason for not speaking, or communicating. I took that theme and worked it into the mailer, by flipping a quotation mark and making it into a lock to show that communication is stopped. And that the conference was a way to open that line of communication.

The rest of the system focused on the impact our words have on others. I began juxtaposing punctuation with the less fortunate outcomes of our words, such as death. It was important for me to illustrate that our words have an effect on the people around us, and that they are just as much a threat as the weapons people use everyday.

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